Use typeahead to ensure consistent spelling

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Everyone wants to keep their data tidy. But when you are dealing with the complexities of product manufacturers, names, models, getting your team to spell consistently can be a real nightmare. Google solves this by utilizing typeahead to help you spell your search terms correctly.

Without clean data how will you be able to analyze your customer needs or your best advertising keyword buys? Instead of normalizing your data, what if the data entry reduces duplicates, plurals, misspellings, or abbreviations?

Garbage in, garbage out. The only way to ensure clean data is to reduce human error by implementing typeahead and keep your database of the hardware manufacturer, products, and models consistent.

Typeahead to keep your data clean.

Any new data will automatically be a part of the typeahead for the next repair so instead of having to build a library of typeahead terms, you can just let it develop organically. However if you would like a tighter control or create a dataset so that your employees have something to use from day one, you can navigate to “Systems” and create all the manufacturer/products/models entries you require.

Having the correct spelling will also make your business more professional. Customers will trust their belongings to you instead of the competition if they see that the repair description has the correct manufacturer, product and model. Perception goes a long way when it comes to capturing new business.

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